This is Melissa.


It all started when…

My high school teacher let me borrow her entry-level DSRL camera. I had no idea what DSRL meant or what all the buttons were for, I just knew that at that moment I fell in love with PHOTOGRAPHY.

I am a woman that lives 95% on the clouds. If you want to put me in a box (which describes me pretty well), I am an ENFP. Described as “a true free spirit,”


I was born in a city surrounded by very temperamental- but friendly- volcanoes. Quito is the place I call home, and where most of my dreams seem to unravel at. Currently, I live in Atlanta, GA and every time I do an engagement session in Piedmont Park I find a new lovely little spot to enjoy.

I am one of the most PASSIONATE souls you will ever meet, and capturing moments is where I thrive and where I am most happy.

If you’re looking for artistic and timeless photographs, look no further, you have found the right person <3.

Feel free to text me 352-222-5946, and let’s chat.


Let’s connect in INSTAGRAM <3 @melissartieda


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