Growing Young

A self portrait study, exploring the connection between age and nature. 

"Growing Young" Photography & Portfolio by Melissa Artieda

Photos taken with a 4x5 large format film camera, scanned and inkjet printed.

The portfolio was handmade with paper, book board, book cloth, found branches, rope.

I started thinking of this idea and being inspired by Brooke Shaden. She had a similar project, but it was more literal, meaning that she literally turned parts of her body into a tree using photoshop. Her photos turned out quite stunning, but I decided to take a more organic approach.

Realizing that time is flying very fast, and that I find myself thinking "wasn't it just summer a few months ago?," naturally drew me into this idea. As my 20th birthday approached, it became clear that I really needed to express myself through photography. Even though I can't solve the "problem" of growing old, I sure can inspire others to keep their young heart and remain with that youthful intensity in their minds, aka happy.

The trees represent me going through life and unavoidably growing up. On the other hand, my self portrait represents my own current age. Time and nostalgia constantly crawl into my work, and this is definitely one of those times.