The Official Photo-Timeline for Engagement Photos + Wedding Invitations

Everyone’s engagement and wedding are different. This is a guide to help you think about all the steps you will want to take to stay as organized as possible! From the day you get engaged, to the day when you’re ready to send your wedding invitations. If you’re having a shorter engagement, crunch the time as needed 😊

The day you get engaged:

Snap at least one photo, selfie or photos taken by a friend or family member to remember exactly how you felt that day! This day will probably be a surprise for you!

Whether you get engaged in Atlanta, New York City, or on the other side of the world, nothing will beat the way you feel this day <3

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1 month after you get engaged:

1 month after you get engaged will be the perfect time to start looking for a photographer and scheduling your engagement session. Make sure you choose someone that reflects your personal style and personality. Do you like dark, moody, artistic photographers? Colorful? Light and airy? There’s a photographer for everyone!

Pro tip: think about what color scheme you want. You will use these colors for the website, save-the-date, and invitations (maybe even your wedding!)

8-10 months before the wedding:

Create your wedding website. This should be ready by the time you send your save-the-date and you don’t want to rush creating this!

Show of your engagement photos. Create a gallery for everyone to see, and include all the details of your wedding day. There’s plenty of sites you can use (The Knot, Squarespace, Wix, Appy Couple, etc).

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6-8 months before the wedding:

Send out your save-the-dates either digitally or by mail. These are great to create anticipation and give everyone a heads up of your special date. Remember that everyone you send save-the-dates must also receive a wedding invitation. Use the photos from your engagement session to add a personal touch!


2-4 months before the wedding:

Send out your wedding invitations to make sure everyone has plenty of time to plan to attend your big day and take care of all the details on their end (such as taking off from work, arranging child-care, etc). You can add more photos from your engagement session for these too!


Now that you have a good idea of when and how to use your engagement photos, it’s time to start planning! Stay tuned for more wedding tips <3


Melissa Artieda

Melissa Artieda