Atlanta Artistic Wedding and Elopement Photographer: The Inn at Serembe, Palmetto, GA // Gabriela and Felipe

Gabriela and Felipe's elopement at The Inn at Serembe in Palmetto, GA is one of the sweetest days I have captured. The love journey of these two is so romantic, and the way they decided to get married is almost out of a movie! 

Their love story is one to swoon over! Gabriela and Felipe are both from Brazil, and they had known each other for a really long time, but they didn't start dating until Gabriela went back to Brazil to study. Luckily, Felipe's work at the airport helped him visit Gabriela many times. They finally decided to get married, but they wanted to have a very intimate wedding focused on the two of them.

Their dream came true on this day, because along with the sunset and their 12 most loved ones, they made the promise to love each other forever. As they stood under a beautiful tree, they said their vows with such happiness in their faces. Something that was very funny and special is that there were many children watching from far away. They watched the whole ceremony and celebrated in their own way.  

Gabriela and Felipe were so calm they whole day. Their down-to-earth personalities really made their elopement such a joyful experience. Gabriela was jaw-dropping, and her smile was more radiant than ever. 

One of the most precious details of this day is that they hand wrote their vows. They spent a few minutes before the ceremony to sit down and write them. I think that added so much personality, along with their own words. 

The venue was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could have had time to walk throughout the whole property (it was big!), because it seemed a like a very nice place to just walk, relax, and enjoy nature. I think Gabriela and Felipe chose the perfect spot for their ceremony. 

After the ceremony, everyone went inside the restaurant at Serembe, and they had a big round table where everyone could talk and face each other. I would definitely love a reception like that for myself! 

Gabriela and Felipe, the whole time I was photographing you, I felt such warmth in my heart. I thank you a million times for being so incredible. I know the love you have will only grow, and I hope that you get to look back at these photos and remember all the joy. Much love and happiness to you two!

Melissa Artieda