Atlanta Artistic Wedding Photography: Wahoo Grill - Pine Lake Beach House // Same-sex Intimate Wedding, Decatur, GA // Lauren & Marie

Marie and Lauren's wedding at Wahoo Grill in Decatur, GA was one of the most sweet and intimate weddings I have had the pleasure to capture. It is also my first same-sex wedding! After the ceremony and lunch in Wahoo Grill. Their "happily ever after party" took place at the Pine Lake Beach House in Pine Lake, GA. The weather was beautiful, and all the guests enjoyed themselves. 

Their love story is very sweet. Marie and Lauren met at a school where they both work as teachers. They became friends, and soon they realized that they needed to be with each other. Marie and Lauren came up with the plan to ask each other out with flowers and a card (without telling each other). Little did they know that on the same day they would both receive that surprise!!

In this wedding I was submerged in a new culture I had never experienced! I absolutely loved it. The ceremony was was all in ASL (with an interpreter), and the whole party was a mix of deaf and hearing people. 

The day started in a hotel room where hair and make-up was done. Marie was in one half of the room, and Lauren in the other half. Somehow they managed not to look at each other before their super cute first look. 

The first look took place at the bridal suite in Wahoo Grill. They stood back to back before looking at each other and tearing up with happiness. Marie and Lauren looked stunning. All the greenery and florals at Wahoo Grill made the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. 

After the ceremony, everyone sat down for lunch and later met at the Happily Ever After Party. The after party was a lot of fun to capture. Everyone was super chill and having a great time. My favorite part was the rainbow flag exit!

All in all, it was a lovely and unforgettable day! 

Marie and Lauren, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your beautiful, intimate wedding. I loved learning more about the ASL community. You have an amazing group of people by your side. I wish you two a lifetime of happiness and lots of adventures!!



Melissa Artieda