Titusville, FL Wedding: Chaya & Matthew

Words can't really express how much I loved photographing this wedding, but here it goes anyway. First, let me tell you that Chaya & Matthew's beliefs is what brought them together. I think that is such a strong base to a relationship, and I without saying much, I could tell how in love with each other they are!

This wedding was set in a very intimate setting, and I am so honored that I got to be a part of it. Chaya's family flew in from overseas to live this breathtaking experience with her. The amount of happiness that I was surrounded by was contagious! Many times I felt like putting the camera down and joining them as they danced their hearts out. 

Not even was the whole experience surrounded by happy people, but the decorations and thought put into this beautiful wedding were absolutely stunning! It was the perfect setting for a photographer. If I could describe the wedding with one word, I would say: COLORFUL. :)

Thank you for making me a part of such joyous memories, Chaya & Matthew!


Breathtaking until the end :).


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Melissa Artieda