I made it to NYC!!

I'm excited to share that my art made it to an exhibition in NYC!! I never thought I would achieve this before I turned 21! 

I made cat-themed postcards in remembrance of my most precious cat Sweety (Tutu), which heartbreakingly passed away. I decided to remember her as happy as she made me, and my design clearly expresses many of her personas. 

The title "Feliz Miauvidad" is a wordplay of the spanish translation of "Merry Christmas" with a touch of "meow" in it. 

My dearest friend, Che, holding the postcard I made her for Christmas.

These little babies (I screenprinted 100+), were in 2 exhibitions this past December. The first took place at First Friday @ the 621 Annex in Tallahassee, FL; titled Ephemeral Sculptures, Installation Art, Participatory Events, and 1000+ Screenprinted Postcards.

FirstFriday Postcard flier.jpg

And the second took place in NYC!!! The title of the exhibition was: POSTCARDS from the EDGE: A Benefit for Visual Aids. It showcased postcard-sized art by upcoming and internationally renowned artists. Each artist remained anonymous, and only revealed until someone bought their piece!

Overall, I had a great experience, and I am so happy to have my art out there. Thank you for reading and for your support! I hope to many more news like this in the future :3.

All photography by Melissa Artieda - www.melissartieda.com

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For more info about the exhibitions visit: here  & here

Melissa Artieda