Quincy, FL Family Gathering - Maggie & Zach

I had pleasure of photographing Maggie & Zach's family. They are two of the most amazing people I know, and they brought me in to capture some amazing moments. 

Maggie and Zach are not only a great couple, but extraordinary photographers! They run a photography business called Second Street Photography in Swannanoa, North Carolina, as well as in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. Go check out their website for breathtaking photos!

This family gathering took place in Quincy, FL, and the lighting passed through the trees was beautiful. It was great to be able to capture the love between everyone. 

We drove down on four-wheelers to a quiet spot among the trees and the sound of the water coming from the small creek. Although the days before had been extremely hot and rainy, that day woke up to be a nice and cool morning.

The gathering took place in remembrance of Ed Hague. 


Melissa Artieda