Tallahassee, FL Wedding Photography | Wajiha & Shahrukh

Wajiha & Shahrukh's wedding was an amazing experience for me!

Wajiha's family house was located near a vineyard (which I had no idea existed in Tallahassee, FL!), and everyone was very welcoming. I learned a lot that day. As I photographed Wajiha, she told me about how heavy her gown is, and the hours that it took to get ready. It was definitely all worth it!

Wajiha's wedding gown was breathtaking to say the least. I stood in awe the first time I saw her! She and her family were all an inspiration to photograph!

We took bridal portraits before heading to the reception. Everyone was dressed in beautiful colors, and the food was great (I'm a picky eater)!

Thank you for making me part of your wedding celebration! I wish you a very happy life :).

© Melissa Artieda

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Melissa Artieda