Road tripping through Georgia

It's my second road tripping to Atlanta, Georgia. My goal: to see my beautiful friend Ariel, and my charismatic brother, Christian. I got to take pictures, while Jesse (my dearest boyfriend), drove for about 5 hours. 

The main concern throughout the trip was the well being of the car. Jesse was afraid it was going to stop working, but nothing happened! I got to see quite a few different landscapes, and I got to see clear characteristics that make Georgia different from the Florida that I know. I noticed a balanced gray hue in the trees and the sky. I saw balls of cotton spread around the highway (Jesse thought they were remainings of torn teddy bears).

My favorite part was when we got to Interstate 85! I could finally sing to John Mayer's "Why Georgia." It was amazing!!! 

Here's a live version:

All photos by Melissa Artieda

Melissa Artieda